Xmas Slope is an arcade Christmas game where the player tries to steer Santa's sleigh down the hill. Enjoy driving on slopy hills covered with snow in a forest full of pine trees.

The Christmas season is here! If you are looking for fun holiday themed games for kids, Xmas Slope is the best game to play for free. Help Santa to collect gifts to distribute to the kids.

Kids are waiting for you! Pick up as many gift packages as possible and move on the track. Take Santa Claus on a wander through the Lego-like pine tree forest! It will be a true adventure!

How to Play Xmas Slope

When you enter the game, you will find Santa Claus driving on a snowy road with his sleigh. This snowy area is full of pine trees, gift packages and all kinds of obstacles.

You need to help him progress along the way and collect gifts by overcoming these obstacles one by one. The sleigh must move forward without touching or hitting anything. You must guide the sleigh well.

Collect Gift Packages

Your main goal in this game is to help Mr. Santa pick up the gifts. He needs to collect these gifts so that he can leave the children's gifts under their Christmas trees on New Year's Eve. The more gifts you gather, the more scores you will have. Direct the sleigh over the packages and pick them up one by one.

Get New Sleighs

You can buy a new sleigh for Mr. Santa with the gift packages you collect. View your options by pressing the joystick-like icon from the main menu. You have many sleigh options here. Go beyond the classic sleighs and choose more modern ones!

Unlock New Santa Characters

You can also get a new character for Mr. Santa from where you get sleighs. You have a lot of character options here. You have the freedom to choose whatever you want, from scary characters to adorable ones.


  • To steer the sleigh, use the W, A and D keys or the arrow keys.

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Xmas Slope Free Online Game

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