Social Media Snake

Social Media Snake is a 2D arcade game where you will direct your cute animal on the playground full of emojis. Collect the funny icons and allow your animal to grow in size. The more emojis you pick up, the higher the score you get! Your snake can be a social media influencer if it takes enough emojis in one of the most fantastic snake games!

How to Play Social Media Snake

  • You are in a pit full of emojis that you use while messaging your friends on your phone. You are familiar with each icon, such as the thumbs-up and notification.
  • The objective is simple! Collect all these icons to get bigger in this snake game.
  • Getting bigger will benefit you a lot while competing with others on the pit. But remember that any contact with them causes you to lose the game.
  • Avoid crashing with any animals and walls to have the highest score possible. You can view your score from the top left.
  • To avoid others or quickly collect the icons, you can accelerate the animal using the left mouse button.

Choose an Emoji for Your Snake

Before taking your place in the pit, select an emoji for your animal by clicking on the smiley image from the menu. You will see many facial expressions in the section. Blinking, annoyed or sleepy…

Choose the one that best suits your snake's face among many options. You can make your selection depending on the mood when you are playing the game. The one with its mouth open and tongue sticking out is our favorite. It looks like the naughty child of the family.🤪

Get Famous on Social Media

As you collect the icons and grow, you can get the highest scores each time you try. Reaching a certain score makes you the subject of some conversations, among others. You will be the talk of the town! This way, you can earn the title of the media's favorite snake.

All you need to do is constantly try to break your own record. Every time you achieve success, this will be echoed in the media!


  • Mouse: Move
  • Left-Click: Accelerate
  • Drag the snake on Mobile Devices


Social Media Snake was developed by FreezeNova.

What is More?

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For more options, you may look for other snake games online. If you stay tuned, you will always find new and thrilling games on the site. There will always be brand new online game options in different categories of Online Games!

Social Media Snake Online Game