Shopping Mania

Shopping Mania is a fun dress up game where you go to the mall with Kendall Jenner on Black Friday to buy new stuff. You will purchase dressings and home decorations to create a new atmosphere. And this November is the perfect time for shopping. Do your make-up and get ready, we are going to the mall in this girl game!

How to Play Shopping Mania

  • The calendar shows the month of November. The awaited moment has come.
  • Every girl in the world has been waiting for Black Friday to take advantage of all the discounts!
  • After getting ready, take your dearest friend Kendall Jenner with you to the mall. She will give you advice on what to buy.
  • Your first task is getting new outfits and cosmetics! Buying new decoration items for your home will be the following task.

Get Discounted Products

When you arrive at the shopping center, the time will count down! You have to pick designated products as soon as possible. You can view their icons at the bottom of the screen. When you see these products on the shelves, you should buy them immediately. Otherwise, someone else can take them. You will be given a minute. Try to have all the products with discounting labels within this limited time.

Home Decorations

It is time to shop for your home! Redecorating your home will bring fresh air to your life. Change can be refreshing. Give a shape to your interior first with the items you have. After you have done your job, we will go to the mall for the home products. Get yourself new curtains, wall decorations and couches. Grab what you can from the shelves in a short time. Then, you can start placing the newly purchased items in your home.


  • Mouse or touchscreen: Navigate and interact


Shopping Mania was developed by Gamerina.

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Shopping Mania Free Online Game

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