Spend Elon Musk Money


If Elon Musk had a dollar for every time he made a - oh wait! He already has! Elon Musk started SpaceX at the age of 30, established Tesla at 45, and acquired Twitter at 51. He has been an angel investor for many other companies, making him the world's richest man with a net worth of over 241 billion $ as of 2024. His money is astronomical, just like his hobbies.

The stock market is Elon's playground. Banks call him when they need a loan. He is so rich that he can fill up his swimming pool, and ta-da!- he just redirects a river! Elon is quite the character; he loses keys while watching TV, checks under his cushions, and finds start-up companies. At some point in the future, we may see a picture of him, sitting on a Mars rover, sipping his latte, tweeting about memes while colonizing new planets.

But what if you woke up one day and all of his fortune passed to your bank account? You have a full day to spend billions of dollars. Which of your dreams would come true? What are the first things you want to buy? A yacht parked in St. Tropez? Luxury Penthouse in Manhattan with a breathtaking Central Park view? Maybe you would even buy an island or a whole country. Or perhaps you'd be interested in charities, helping homeless people and stopping hunger all around the world? It's all in your hands.  

Let's get you seated on a billionaire's chair. But get ready; this is not winning the lottery. If you tried to line up all the money, we are not sure how many kilometers of road out of Benjamin Franklins you would have. Experiment with all the money you have in this virtual setting!

How to Play Spend Elon Musk Money

  • You will see many items here on this page, from a tall latte from Starbucks to the Mona Lisa painting. Add the ones you like to your cart. As you add them to your cart, you'll see your money is slightly decreasing on the top of the screen.
  • Over 60 items, ranging from a one-dollar coke to 2 billion dollars worth of events, waiting to be discovered. Either go thrifty and explore how many Starbucks you can order for your family, friends, or all the people you have met until today. Or, spend money like it's going out of fashion. Consume all on the luxury.

Discover The Luxury at It's Finest

The clock is ticking on the top of your screen. Start the timer before shopping. If you are wondering how long it would take to spend Elon Musk money, start with the most luxurious items. Try to empty out the figures on the top. When it hits 0, go back to the timer to see the answer to your question. The faster you click, the quicker you spend.

Don't Forget to Take Your Receipt

You tried very hard but couldn't spend out all the money? We understand the exhaustion. Spending Elon Musk money is not a walk in the park. Anyway, if you'd like to stop your journey where your energy is consumed before the money is, do not forget to take a receipt! You may want to use it to deduct taxes later, huh? Click on the print receipt button at the end of the page and see the bill. Share it with your friends and compare your carts; it might reveal some of your key characteristics along the way!

Spend Elon Musk Money is not only a fun shopping game but also about seizing the wealth of 0.001% of the world's population. Remember to have fun and laugh on this journey and share it with your loved ones!

Spend Elon Musk Money Game