Police Traffic

Police Traffic Game Free

With Police Traffic you can experience driving in an intense traffic while being a police officer.
You can speed up but be careful of the other cars that might stop suddenly.
Get ready to become a master of speedy overtakes and tight turns. Escape from any dangerous situation without crashing your car and collect money.

Before start the game you need to choose the police cars. Every car has a different power of speed, handling and brake. There are 8 police
cars available: 2 for free and the rest you have to buy them.

There are 4 modes
• One way: the cars are driving only one way without worrying that something is coming from the opposite side
• Two way: allows vehicles to drive in both directions
• Time attack: you have to survive the traffic without making any accidents until the time is up.
• Speed bomb: you need to be careful how you drive the bus. When you brake suddenly or when you collide with other cars
the bomb health is activated and the bus can explode.

You have the opportunity to choose different stages
• sunny 
• night
• rainy 

Police Traffic Display:
• Score (displayed on the top left)
• Speed (displayed on the top right)
• Distance (displayed on the top right)
• Camera (displayed on the top right)
• High speed (displayed on the top right)
• Combo & wrong way warning (displayed on the top left)

After the session is finished you will be able to see the final score details:
• total distance 
• near miss 
• keep above 100 km/h 
• opposite direction
• money rewards 

• WASD or arrow keys to drive
• Left Shift for NOS
• Space for handbrake
• Tab or Esc to toggle pause