Pet Simulator

Pet Simulator is an animal simulator game where your main aim is to crack eggs and add new animals to your team. But the first thing to do is collect the coins on the field by dragging your pets over them. They will do the collecting job. You can break eggs and get new Pokemon-like animals by using these coins!

How to Play Pet Simulator

  • There are many animals that are cute, dangerous, rebellious, or flying.
  • Your job is to crack eggs and unlock new kinds of animals. You will create your own pet gang in this way.
  • The coins your pets collect will enable you to break eggs. Walk up to the piles of coins, and they will start collecting them.
  • You will see a bar on top of your pets. When this bar drops to zero, it means that the collecting job is done.
  • In the beginning, you have only the Pincerdeer. It is your most loyal animal and will follow you till the end!

Break the Eggs🥚

You will encounter various types of eggs, including the basic white ones or those with a golden color. To open it, walk towards an egg and stand on the halo.

You can get a new animal from here if you have enough coins to break that egg. You can see how many coins you need to break on the egg.

Eggs with a higher value can give you more exotic animals. The animal team will follow you wherever you go and help you to collect more money.

Unlock the Sand Island

The Sand Island is waiting for you to unlock it to give you more options. Get the island with 5K coins. You will see that the map is full of coins. However, the case is that as the coins are higher in number, collecting them will take much more time.

Your animal gang will have to make a serious effort to get the money. The other benefit of unlocking the Sand Island is activating the teleportation feature.

Click on the teleport machine icon on the left side. You can teleport to the Shop section with it quickly.


Desktop and Laptop

  • WASD / Arrow Keys / Drag left mouse button:  Move around

Mobile Devices

  • Use buttons on screen to move around


Pets Master Simulator was developed by PivDev.

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Pet Simulator Online Game