Penalty Kick


The goalkeeper seems terrified when you are the one standing behind the ball. Seek for the optimum angle and shoot out the perfect Penalty Kick! Don't wait. Make your move! Penalty Kick is a free online penalty shootout game with outstanding 3D graphics. See how many kicks you can score points out of 15 penalties. Show off your football talent as you aim to score against a top goalkeeper. Learn how to play and improve your penalty-kicking skills for high scores.

How to Play Penalty Kicks

The penalty has been awarded to you, and all eyes are on you. Successfully sending penalties to the other side's goal may change the entire course of the game. This is a big responsibility. But you are capable of taking this. May all the angels of luck be with you!

Kicking the Penalties

Use your mathematics to shoot the goalkeeper in such a way that no shot is wasted. You will score 15 penalties. The more you successfully get the ball into the goal, the more points you get. Use your mouse to direct the ball and send it to the goal. Hover your mouse over the ball, hold down the left button, and slide it in the direction you want it to go. The longer you hold the left button, the harder the ball will be sent.

Don't underestimate the goalkeeper. He is one of the best in his field. He will try to prevent penalties with all his agility. But there is something he doesn't know, and that is your football talent.

Invalid Shots

If you kick the ball harder and it goes out of the goal, if the goalkeeper catches the ball or if the ball hits the goalpost, you will miss the penalty. As a master football player, you need to make sure that the ball enters the goal. Master your technique to achieve precision.

Tips and Tricks for Penalty Kicks

Focus on the Spot

Look into the eyes of the goalkeeper. You will both try to anticipate each other's next move. Surprise him with the spot you pick. Make sure you choose a spot that he cannot save. Focus on the spot before kicking. Strike the ball cleanly.

Target the Corners

The corners of the goalpost are the most difficult spots for the keeper to save the ball. But it is also risky since these shoots require more precision. A clean shootout to the corners will guarantee a score.

Practice Precision

Keep practicing if you'd like to improve your precision in penalty kicks. Adjust the controls of the game! You will soon be the top scorer!


Controls are a piece of cake. But precision may not be.

  • Left click on the ball and drag it to the desired spot to kick out.
  • For mobile users, swipe the ball into the net. 

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