Kick the Zombie

Do you remember computers before the Internet? The times we used to play desktop destruction games... You would pick the hammer and crash the screen until it breaks into a thousand pieces virtually. If you're a 90's kid who used to enjoy desktop destroyers, here is the new generation of stress relief: Kick the Zombie!

Your ultimate enemy is a zombie in this online game. Pick among the tools and destroy the zombie. Guns, hammers, chainsaws and even trucks. You have a myriad of tools to break him apart.

Whether you're burdened by heavy workloads, endless homework, academic pressure, or hectic commutes, you've found your stop to release the stress. Play Kick the Zombie for 5-10 minutes and feel the weight on your shoulders dispersed away.

Let's get started to learn more about kicking the zombies.


Left-click/tap on the objects to pick and throw

How to Play Kick the Zombie

  • Start with the first zombie. The only weapon you have is your punch at the beginning.
  • Click on him to punch and kick.
  • Your aim is to destroy the zombie by kicking. Keep an eye on the health bar of the zombie to track your progress.
  • Each kick will bring you one coin. Plus, you'll get an extra 100 coins after completing a level.
  • Save your coins to buy more weapons.

Select Your Weapon

Remember, you'll need more advanced weapons as you progress through levels. Some zombies are hard to destroy with simple guns. Here are the weapons you can buy in Kick the Zombie.


  • shotgun (200 coins)
  • rifle(500 coins)
  • bomb(800 coins)
  • sniper rifle (1500 coins)


  • chainsaw (200 coins)
  • axe (500 coins)
  • knife (500 coins)
  • buzzsaw (1000 coins)


  • wooden log (240 coins),
  • gravestone (300 coins)
  • rock(360 coins)
  • coffin (500 coins)


  • poison (80 coins)
  • ivory knife (50 coins)
  • spiked mace (1200 coins)
  • ninjas' shuriken (800 coins)

Premium Weapons

  • spear (800 coins)
  • truck (3000 coins)
  • wolf (5000 coins)
  • ninja(5000 coins)

Spooky Places

There is no single place where zombies hang out. Unlock new places in the game to destroy other undead creatures. Your options are

  • Spooky House (free)
  • Cursed Hills (800 coins)
  • Cemetery (200 coins)
  • Desert (800 coins)
  • Halloween Castle (800 coins)


FreezeNova created Kick the Zombie.

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