Remember those days when you and your brother used to wrestle for hours until one of you cried and complained to Mom? It was a real duel, wasn't it? You would flip over together like a human ball, with arms and legs flying in the air. So, we've brought sibling wrestling to the virtual realm. When Mom gets sick of your fights and forbids wrestling in the house, you can take your duel to the Get On Top game and resume your challenge in a less physical way.

You read that right: Get on Top is a 2-player stickman game where players combat with a friend, trying to get on top and make the opponent's head touch the ground. 

How to Play Get On Top?

  • Two game modes to choose: 1 Player against AI and 2 players 
  • The goal is to take control of the ragdoll and make it jump over the opponent. 
  • You win the round if the opponent's head hits the ground.
  • Score a point in 11 rounds to be the winner of the game.

Attack But Remember to Defend

If you get zoned to attack your opponent, things may not go as you desire. Get On Top is a game with interesting physics; you may flip and hit your head to the ground while trying to attack your rival. 

So, defense is also crucial. Try to keep your head and neck away from the floor. Move leftward and rightward to adjust the head skillfully in each position. Use your body mass as an advantage and shift it strategically. Take down your opponent! 



  • Left Player: A, D, W keys to control stickman
  • Right Player: Left, right and up arrows to control stickman

Mobile Devices

  • Use the relevant arrow buttons on the screen.


Neplin Game Studio made this game.


Construct 3

What is Next?

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Get on Top Online Game