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A Starter's Guide to Kingdom Attack: Tips and Tricks

Ready for a fascinating journey in a fantasy world filled with kingdoms, battles, dragons, and many different creatures? Explore the map of Kingdom Attack with thrilling adventures and immersive gameplay! Fill your army with knights, archers, witches, and alchemists, and join the battle today to rule your own kingdom!

The Kingdom Attack world is divided into multiple districts. Each district will welcome you with its own unique surroundings, creatures, and challenges. You will defend your kingdom's main house and towers from waves of enemies in the battles. As you complete quests and defeat monsters, you will earn experience points and be able to upgrade your characters. With every victory you achieve, new heroes and chests will be active that will help you to take on more difficult quests.

How to play Kingdom Attack?

You can play Kingdom Attack on Online Games io

  • You can access your missions, shop, heroes, and bag on the main screen. 
  • After you complete each mission, you will win various prizes depending on the difficulty. Remember to claim the awards to take on more duties. Tasks taking a longer time to complete will bring out top awards. Some of the quests will appear for a limited time. So, try to catch up to get the most out of the prizes each day. 
  • In the shop, you can buy chests, new heroes, gold coins, and gems. Use your coins and gems wisely so that you will not regret them on the battlefield. Don't forget to check out daily deals in the shop. 
  • There are 50+ types of warriors in the game. You can unseal them as you progress through the game. Visit the heroes section to view and manage your warriors' strengths, speeds, hit points, and ranges. 
  • You will loot treasures in the clashes, but chests take some time to unpack. You can check how much time is left before opening a chest on the right side of your screen.  
  • Auto-play and fast mode options are available in your battles if you are impatient to wage another war.

Plan your actions in Kingdom Attack: 

  • Upgrade your warriors as they gain experience. You can also support them with items you gained in the battles.
  • Make sure you employed your best warriors in a critical order in your decks. Beware of their attack ranges and ratios while organizing your decks.
  • As you gain victories and follow through quests, upgrade your main house and guard towers to increase your population and hit points. This will help you overcome more formidable enemies. 
  • Try to use your resources aligned with your strategy.

Enjoy the challenges and excitement of Kingdom Attack! Remember always to play responsibly and have fun! You can watch the gameplay video for more instructions. 

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