Kikis Pink Christmas

Kikis Pink Christmas is a dress up game where you prepare a gorgeous lady, Kiki, for the upcoming holiday. She wants to spend New Year's Day with her family and friends. She wants every moment of that day to be perfect. That's why it's up to you to prepare her for this day. She has already decorated the house and made it for Christmas, and now it's time to dress her up! 🎄

How to Play Kikis Pink Christmas

Kiki has 4 different looks in mind. Each look covers a different time period of New Year's Day. Therefore, the background of each scene is also variable depending on the time of the day. You need to choose her outfit and do her make-up in accordance with the scene. For example, she will want to feel comfortable and sweet inside the house. She prefers to be more casual when cooking for her guests in the kitchen. Kiki's look will change as the day goes on based on your decisions.

Prepare Kiki for Four Scene

  • Kiki will want to be as cozy as possible on Christmas morning and will want to adorn the pine tree with her beloved pet. Select the hoodie or sweater that she will most comfortably fit into.
  • After that, she'll go get something less fancy and head to the kitchen to make cookies. She can even be forced to wear a scarf over her hair since she might get splashed by goods while preparing meals in the kitchen.
  • Once she finishes up in the kitchen, you have to make her the most fashionable person at the dinner party. Her gaze should be on everyone. For the evening, get her something a little louder.
  • Finally, you've reached the stage where you need to dress her warmly so that when they go outside in the snow, she won't be cold. Here, choose a ski jacket for her if you want.


  • Use your mouse click to prepare the Kiki for Christmas.


Kikis Pink Christmas is created by Gamerina.

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Kikis Pink Christmas Free Online Game