Horse Rider

Horse Rider is the game where you take your horse to competitions. You can experience the chance to be an equestrian in horse sports. Begin the journey as you jump over hurdles and race against the rivals to win the courses. Try to complete the laps while you are increasing the speed of the horse to reach the first place.

Championship Tournement 
There are 3 tournments and a lot of levels
• New York Tournment 
• Oman Tournment 
• Dubai Tournment 

Select a player 
There are 5 players/horses, one better than other
• John
• Paul 
• PII 
• XLL 

Select Laps
• The laps can be easy/medium/expert.

Level Up Knock Out 
• Complete the lap in a specific period of time 

Horse Rider Controls: 
• W or up arrow to speed up 
• Space to jump

Horse Rider Free