Home Makeover 2: Hidden Object

Shall we awaken the Sherlock Holmes within you? Home Makeover 2: Hidden Object is a puzzle game where you find hidden objects and sell them in order to redecorate the heroine's dead uncle's home. If the nephew fails this task, the mayor will seize his uncle's house. So, help her get the house back and get the house deed! This game will truly test your ability to focus.

The Story

Years later, the nephew decides to visit her uncle's house, and what she encounters surprises her. She found out that her uncle had died long ago, and the mayor was trying to seize the house. Someone has to stop this. There needs to be more work. You have to start somewhere.

How to play Home Makeover 2: Hidden Object?

Think of a house that has yet to be stepped into for a long time. A lot of work falls on you in this house. You need to clean and redecorate the home before the municipal officials come to inspect it. This way, you will get a better income when you sell the house. The whole afternoon is yours.

  • Start by cleaning the house thoroughly. Remove dirt and stains by clicking on them.
  • After this process, it is time to make money. Collect unnecessary items from the home and sell them to buyers at the flea market. This will make you good money. But remember that you have limited time and impatient customers. You need to be quick. Additionally, if you are having trouble finding an item, you can get help by clicking on the hint option.
  • You will start decorating the house with the money you earn. Replace the floors, walls and furniture, and the house will return to its former glory.
  • You need to learn to manage money well. Because there are so many rooms in this house. Each one will be renewed from scratch. The bottom line is that a lot of money and good money management are the main points.
  • As you complete the missions, the next mission will become more challenging. But, while performing all these tasks, remember the main job. You need to find the title deed of the house and submit it to the municipal officials.

Benefits of playing Home Makeover 2: Hidden Object

  • Playing this game contributes positively to the player's memory.
  • Finding solutions to different scenarios in the game improves the player's problem-solving ability.
  • It reduces stress levels, increases focus skills and enhances the mood of the person playing the game.
  • It increases the attention of the person to details, which is one of the things we need most in daily life.


It is effortless! All you need for controls is a mouse. You do not need anything else.


Home Makeover 2: Hidden Object was created by Origaming Media.

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