Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser

Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes! Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser is a puzzle game in which you must find five essential items in a messy scene. The items are scattered around. Open your eyes wide shut and locate each hidden object as soon as possible. You will love to dive into the messy scenes in this cozy game!

Overview of Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser

You will find yourself in a scene full of objects, some of which are important to you. You must locate their places. Most of them may be stuck under another object. Or in a very remote part of the scene. Search like an investigator. If you find it hard to find a specific object, think like Sherlock Holmes. What would he do in such cases?

You will pass to the next level as you find all five items in a scene. Each level brings a different environment. It can be an ordinary house, a mansion or a pick-up truck near a sandy beach. Try to get hints from the scene during the search for items.

The Hidden Objects

The type and style of objects you need to find may vary depending on the scene. For example, in the truck scene, your objective is to find sea fins, shorts, or similar sea objects. Likewise, in the living room scene, you will search for a pot and an old backgammon. Finding different items will greatly pleasure you while playing this puzzle game.

Stimulate Your Brain

Playing this game requires you to use your keen attention a lot. You will mainly use your logic and brain power to find the necessary items. The ability to pay attention to details will be very beneficial to achieve success. The game offers you many brain teasers. Engaging in them will stimulate your mind.


Desktops and Computers

  • Left-Click: Collect Item

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to collect items.


Casual Azur Games developed the Hidden Objects: Brain Teaser.

What is More?

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Hidden Objects Brain Teaser Online Game