Calling all designer-spirited gamers! Home Design is a cozy unpacking game where your task is to organize a home from top to bottom. Your objective is to design 20 unique spaces, ranging from bedrooms to zen gardens. If you're ready for the challenge, let's start flipping this place together!


Drag and drop items in the room and place them in the correct locations.

How to Play

  • There are 20 levels to unlock in the Home Design game.
  • Start with the teen room; start organizing all the furniture, accessories, plants and all other belongings.
  • Make this house ready for the homeowners before they arrive.
  • You have a full 3 minutes to complete each level.
  • We advise you to unpack all the furniture first by pressing on the box.
  • Begin by placing the big furniture such as beds, sofas, tables, and closets.
  • When you're done with the rough work, move on to placing books, electronics, plants and other belongings.
  • When you place the items in the correct spots, their location will be locked.
  • Complete the look within the time limit and close the doors. Another room or exterior design awaits you on a new level.

Take Extra Time to Design

  • It's all okay if you can't finish the level in 180 seconds.
  • You can watch a short ad to get an extra 60 seconds to furnish the look.
  • Need a little help? Click on the bulb icon on the top right of your screen to get a hint. The hint will show you the complete look of the place, guiding you in your design choices.


Simplegame created this game.

Game Features

  • 20 unique home design puzzles
  • Nice drawings and artwork
  • Simple gameplay
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • No download, no installation

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