Highway Cars


Highway Cars is a 3D driving game where you steer your car on the highway in the flow of traffic. The key point here is dodging the other cars without any accident. The more cars you dodge, the more points you get. Passing the cars as close as possible will be an adrenaline-pumping challenge in this car game, which is inspired by the popular game Highway Traffic!

How to Play Highway Cars

  • You have 2 available cars to choose from at the beginning: the red sedan and the light blue hatchback. But the others need to be unlocked with the in-game currency you earn from the highway.
  • Select one of the cars before getting on the road. You may give your car one of the basic colors or pick a two-color option.
  • Upgrade your car’s speed, brakes, engine, and other performance features from the customization section by tapping the spanning icon.
  • There are 3 game modes: One-Way, Two-Way and Level Selection. Decide which game you want to play and hit the road!

One-Way Highway Road

In one-way mode, all the cars on the highway go in the same direction. There will be many cars moving forward near you. You need to pass the cars as closely as possible in order to get scores. And these scores will make you in-game currency. But, you will lose if you crash with any car in the flowing traffic.

Two-Way Highway Road

This road is a bit challenging as traffic flows from both sides. You must be extra careful not to hit a car. But the advantage is you can bypass many cars at once.

Advance Level by Level

Highway Cars also offers you a level selection mode. There are 50 levels divided into 5 sections. You will move to a different environment when you complete each section completely. For example, you will drive your car near a desert in the first 10 levels. It is possible to encounter snowy and tropical regions in the following sections.

Unlock New Game Maps

As you earn currency by bypassing cars on the way, you will be able to unlock new maps. We briefly explain which game map you can unlock for how many dollars below.

  • Snowy Highway: 1500$
  • Tropical Highway: 2000$
  • Forest Highway: 5000$
  • Urban Highway: 8000$


  • To steer the car, use the WASD or the Arrow keys.
  • To change the camera view, use the C key.

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Highway Cars Free Online Game