Highway Traffic

Highway Traffic Online

Highway Traffic game is centered around driving down the highway, dodging other cars, and avoiding accidents. It gets tough because other cars are slowing down, speeding up or stopping abruptly, so you always have to keep your attention and be ready to make a quick maneuver. 

The longer you go without hitting other cars, the more points you collect and the more upgrades you can get. Highway Traffic gets pretty difficult very quickly, so you really need to build up some skill if you want to make it to the higher levels! 

It also has several different modes to make the game even more fun and complex. You can choose different car models and styles and set different weather options to increase the challenge.

The game comes with 4 modes

• One way: the cars are driving only one way without worrying that something is coming from the opposite side
• Two way: allows vehicles to drive in both directions
• Time attack: you have to survive the traffic without making any accidents until the time is up.
• Speed bomb: you need to be careful how you drive the bus. When you brake suddenly or when you collide with other cars
the bomb health is activated and the bus can explode.

You have the opportunity to choose different stages
• sunny 
• night
• rainy 

Highway Traffic Display includes:
• Score (displayed on the top left)
• Speed (displayed on the top right)
• Distance (displayed on the top right)
• Camera (displayed on the top right)
• High speed (displayed on the top right)
• Combo & wrong way warning (displayed on the top left)

Highway Traffic Controls:
W or up arrow to accelerate
A/D, or left/right arrow to steer the car
Space bar to use handbrake
Left shift or F to use car boost