Help the Hero

Help The Hero is an interactive story game where you help the kid make decisions and save people from villains and troubles. The decisions you make are so important that they will shape your hero's fate. You take on the role of a comic book fanatic with heroic desires in this game. If you're ready, let's hit the road and save people in one of the funniest games!

🦸 How to Play Help The Hero

  • When you enter the game, you find yourself in your hero's room by pressing the "Play" button. Every hero has a mask and cape, right? You must first help him create a mask for himself and choose between red or blue capes.
  • Then, make him escape from the house. It's time to save people from evils one by one!
  • There are 75 levels in total here, and these levels are divided into stories like in comic books.
  • Your goal is to complete the levels successfully by helping your hero make the right decisions.

💪 Superhero Tasks

Your primary goal is to assist the hero in various heroic missions. When the time comes, it is your duty to save a cat from a tree or to help an old woman across the street. It's your job to chase the thief and save the old lady's pension. Or, it may even be your mission to save the city from a massive Godzilla.

You will have a variety of missions. It is very enjoyable to wait for each task with excitement and ask what I will encounter at the next level!

🧐 Make Strategic Choices

Being able to make the most appropriate decisions is the key to this game. Because wrong choices will not take you forward, it will be necessary to understand the events and situations well and create strategic solutions accordingly. For example, it would not make sense to cover the hole area of ​​a tanker leaking radioactive fluid with tape because that tape could break immediately.

🎨 Customize Your Hero

You will earn money from each section you successfully complete. You can use these coins to customize your hero. You can get him new masks and costumes; many outfit options exist. All you have to do is enter the shop section by clicking on the t-shirt icon at the top left of the screen. You can view your options here.

🕹️ Controls

  • Simply use your mouse click to help the hero make decisions.


Help the Hero is created by AA2G1.

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