Geometry Dash FreezeNova

Give yourself over to the beat of the song! Discover the FreezeNova difference while playing the well-known arcade game Geometry Dash. In Geometry Dash FreezeNova, the challenging arcade game, your goal is to keep the cube clear of every obstacle on the flowing surface. 

Like with the original Geometry Dash, playing this game is most enjoyable when you give in to the music's beat. Boost the music and make an effort to stay clear of the obstacles!

How to Play Geometry Dash FreezeNova

  • Selecting the game mode you wish to play is an excellent place to start. Geometry Dash FreezeNova provides you with various game modes, including different themes.
  • Your objective in the game is to move the cube as far along the platform as possible after selecting a mode. The cube must not come into contact with anything sharp while doing this.

Game Modes and Features of Geometry Dash FreezeNova

Ten different game modes are available. The basic descriptions of various game modes will be provided to you below.

  • The game's most fundamental mode is called Spikes Frenzy. Here, all you need to do is advance while dodging obstacles.
  • There are luminous bounces scattered throughout the game, which sets Glowing Boost apart from the Spikes mode. These locations will cause the cube to bounce when you come into contact with them, enabling you to go farther.
  • Similar to Glowing, there is a leaping mechanism in the Orbital Thrust, but it takes the shape of orbits. These orbits make it easy to get away from rows of sharp objects.
  • One could argue that Gravity Chaos is the most challenging mode. As you move the cube forward on the platform, golden halos will meet you here. The cube rises and continues after passing through this halo, turning the platform upside down.
  • Universe of Chaos encompasses the chaos universe, true to its name. Similar to Gravity, your attention will be diverted by numerous aspects; thus, it's imperative to defy gravity here as well.
  • You are completely in the blue during the Blue Rush. There are some bounces and halos here, much like in the previous game modes, although some are not recommended. Because occasionally employing these will bring you straight up against the problem.
  • You'll notice in Jumping that several obstacles have shifted to face the cube. Furthermore, it won't be charming because some spiky items are oriented directly toward the cube.
  • You can play games in total black and white with the Black and White mode.
  • You will observe direction arrows in Flash Frenzy. The cube moves swiftly across items when it comes into contact with them.
  • In the Final Lap, the sum of all modes can be found.

What is Geometry Dash FreezeNova?

Geometry Dash FreezeNova is a 2D arcade game where you try to keep the cube away from the spiky objects on the platform. Contact with any pointed object returns the cube to the beginning. You must avoid obstacles as much as possible to get the highest score!


  • Press the W, Space, or upper arrow keys to make the cube jump over the obstacles.

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