Fun Party Makeup

Birthday or bachelorette? Engagement or baby shower? For all kinds of occasions, we have a fun party make-up game. You can glorify the looks and exaggerate the spark as much as you want because it's supposed to be fun.

Fun Party Makeup is a free online makeup and dress-up game in which you prepare four girls for various occasions. You can be a hairdresser, makeup artist or stylist. What is more fun than these?


  • Use your cursor or touchscreen to pick items
  • Press arrow buttons to navigate

How to Play Fun Party Makeup

In the Fun Party Makeup game, you get to be a skin care specialist, hairdresser, makeup artist and personal fashion advisor—all four in one. Only one person in the world can accomplish these four distinct jobs simultaneously, and that's a best friend. 

  • Four gorgeous girls are waiting for you, the skilled BFF, to prepare each of them uniquely.
  • Start with skin care. Clean and peel off the dirt from the skin with a clay mask. 
  • Put on some aloe gel to soothe it out, and hydrate with moisturizer until the girls' skins glow naturally. 
  • When the skincare is complete, a face is ready for a makeup extravaganza.
  • You will have access to a set of makeup supplies such as lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and mascara. 
  • You can also choose eye colors, eyebrow shapes and hairstyles.

Dress to Impress

  • When you are done with the hair and make-up, walk to the wardrobe. 
  • At the end, Fun Party Mekeup is a game of choice. With a lot of options in wardrobe, dresses, pants, blouses, heels, and bags, aim for a tuneful look for the party.
  • Once your models are ready, select a sticker for each girl and send them off to their respective occasions.
  • They appreciate your efforts and may spill some party tea afterward.


FreezeNova created Fun Party Makeup.

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