Fancy Pants 2

Step into 2010s nostalgia by playing Fancy Pants again. One of the most popular Flash games, Fancy Pants, came back to life with the Flash emulator program Ruffle. In this sequel, the hand-drawn stick figure, wearing fancy pants, embarks on new adventures in a number of vibrant environments. In theĀ  Fancy Pants Adventures World 2, a bunny steals the stickman's trophy, which is actually an ice cream cone. The stick guy will run, jump, slide and seek a way to find the bunny for clearance. Little did he know, he'd encounter new enemies, monsters and collectibles on the way. So, go grab your pants and start playing!


  • Run: Left and right arrow keys
  • Jump: S key
  • Enter Door: Up Arrow
  • Duck, slide and roll: Down Arrow
  • Pause: Space
  • Exit to Menu: Space + Q
  • Toggle Moving Background: B
  • Toggle Music: M

How to Play Fancy Pants

  • A bunny steals Fancy Pants' ice cream cone. Go after it.
  • The aim is to find hidden doors to open and collect squiggles on your way.
  • Run, jump, slide, roll and explore all over the level by going leftward and rightward.
  • You can use your arrow keys to run, S to jump, and down arrow to roll or slide.
  • In the Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2, there are 6 trophies to collect and 6 colors to unlock. That means there 6 main levels and 6 secret levels to unlock, summing up to 12 doors to find.
  • You may encounter spiders, shooters, and snails on your way. Avoid touching them from the sides at all costs. However, you can jump on them and fly higher.
  • Stand in front of springboards to read them. The boards will give you clues and have funny stories in them.
  • When you find a door, press the up arrow key to open and enter. Good luck in your adventures!

Change Your Pants

As you unlock new colors in levels, you can change the color of the pants. To do that, go to the main menu and head over to Trophies and Colors. 4 colors come by default: orange, green, red and blue. You need to unlock the rest of the colors by playing.

Explore Bonus Levels

Besides 6 primary levels, there are 6 bonus levels in the game. They are short and fun levels, bringing extra fun and a sense of exploration. Seek for hidden doors to play these levels.

  • The Swain
  • Tommy LM
  • Afro Ninja
  • Louis
  • Adam Philips
  • Negative One

Key Features

  • Fluid Animation
  • Hand-Drawn Graphics
  • Funny Sound Effects
  • Funny Narrative
  • Exploration Based Gameplay
  • Collectibles and Secrets


Brad Borne drew, animated, and programmed Fancy Pants 2.

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