Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants is a 2D adventure game where you guide a stickman with cool pants on various platforms. You need to help him move forward, navigating the maze. However, there are many obstacles to overcome and spiders are waiting to attack you!

Find ways to avoid or defeat the evil creatures. Additionally, don't forget to collect the squiggles in this arcade game. Will you be able to complete this adventure in The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 1?


  • Left Arrow: Move Left
  • Right Arrow: Move Right
  • Down Arrow: Duck
  • Up Arrow: Open Doors
  • S: Jump
  • M: Mute
  • Spacebar: Pause

How to Play Fancy Pants

  • Welcome to the colorful world of this cool stickman character with fancy pants!
  • Your main objective in this adventure game is to navigate this cool guy on various platforms.
  • However, this won't be easy! There are many obstacles in the maze. And some evil creatures will attack you if they manage to get close to you!
  • Look out for the coils to move faster by jumping high. Strive to find the hidden doors to make progress in this arcade game!
  • In addition, you can change the color of the fancy pants by entering the Options room from the menu.
  • You can also view the trophies from the Collectible room. Find the trophies from the bonus rooms in the maze!

Avoid the Spiders!

There will be black spiders running towards you when you enter the maze. If they get close to you, they will attack you. You need to pay attention to the health bar in the upper left corner.

This bar starts dropping to zero each time these creatures attack you. Therefore, jump over them by pressing the S key to escape. Or, you can jump right on top of them and crush them. Keep in mind that you have only three lives in total!

Get Over the Mouse

Spiders aren't the only creatures that will cause you trouble. There will be a mouse standing near the exit door. He is waiting for you with his gun! Once he sees you, he will try to shoot you down.

Dodge his bullets and get over him to reach the door. If he manages to take your life, you will start the level from the beginning. You can send it into the void by jumping on it, just like you do with spiders!


Brad Borne developed Fancy Pants.

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