Fancy Pants 3

The King summons our stick guy! Fancy Pants 3 is a 2D adventure game and the third title in the popular video game series.

The Fancy Pants Adventure. Angry Bathtub Pirates are trying to seize the King's Royal Tub in the game.

Set out and fight with the pirates to reclaim the Royal Tub for him. However, Angry Bathtub Pirates may try to hurt you by kidnapping your sister in this arcade game. Do your best, get the bathtub and save your sister!


  • Left Arrow: Move Left
  • Right Arrow: Move Right
  • Down Arrow: Duck
  • Up Arrow: Open Doors
  • S: Jump
  • M: Mute
  • Spacebar: Pause

Basics of Fancy Pants 3

  • One day, the Mayor wakes you up from your sleep. And he gives you bad news.
  • The King's Royal Tub has been stolen. He needs your help. You need to get it back!
  • Bobble Head will take you through a short tutorial. He needs to ensure you are fit before you set off to get the Royal Tub back.
  • The real adventure will begin in this escape game when you complete the tutorial.
  • You must overcome all the obstacles at each level and find the exit room. Strive to survive from the spiders and snails on the way!

Get the Royal Tub Back

To get the bathtub back, you need to go to Squiggleville. On the way, you will encounter many dangers and obstacles. You must climb over the walls, pass the buildings and find the exit room. From time to time, there will be coils. You can use them to jump high altitudes.

Stomp on Spiders

On your way to the Royal Tub, you need to deal with many spiders, snails, crabs and mice with guns. You must learn how to defeat them. You can stomp on them to crash them. Alternatively, you can get rid of them by ducking under them. You should especially watch for the mice as they may shoot you once they see you. Don't forget that Fancy Pants Man has 3 lives in total!

Levels in Fancy Pants 3

There are nine levels in this adventure game.

  • Squiggleville
  • The Royal Tub
  • Outer Squiggleville
  • Canopy Forest
  • Bummin' It Beach
  • Pirate Cove
  • Piratey Princess Ship
  • Misplaced Cave
  • Island Express


Brad Borne developed Fancy Pants 3.

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