Duck Life 3

Beat the qualifiers and find your way to take your duckling to the finals! Duck Life 3 is a 2D arcade game where you try to enhance the core skills of your genetically modified duck. It is the third version of the popular game series Duck Life.

This crazy game offers you four kinds of racing animals to choose from. Pick your favorite one and start being his sports coach. Make him the champion racer by winning the final running races!


Running Training

  • Left-Click or Spacebar: Jump

Swimming Training

  • Up Arrow: Jump
  • Down Arrow: Dive
  • Left Arrow: Move Left
  • Right Arrow: Move Right

Flying Training

  • Mouse (drag): Change Direction

Climbing Training

  • Left and Right Arrows: Climb in Canyon

How to Play Duck Life 3

The game mechanics are just like Duck Life. Your biggest job is to be your animal's sports coach and make him a stronger animal by participating in training courses. There are four types of training: Running, Swimming, Flying and Climbing.

Since he will use each skill in competitions, you should develop all of these four core skills of your duck. Try your best and make him the winner of all the races he takes part in in this animal game!

Choose Your Modified Duck

You have to select one of your four genetically altered animals before you can join the Amateur League. Pick your favorite and become its dedicated sports coach. Train hard and turn your duck into the ultimate champion by winning the final races!

Each has unique qualities and a different set of features. The Athletic Type, for instance, has A-grade running abilities. Conversely, the Swimming Type holds an A+ master's degree in swimming. Examine their statistics and choose based on the advantages and disadvantages of each!

Race Leagues of Duck Life 3

You will start participating in the Amateur League. But first of all, you need to pass the Qualifier Races. Win Race 1, Race 2 and the Final race and earn the right to proceed to the finals. After the Amateur League, you will follow the Advanced League and Professional League in the same way.


Wix Games developed Duck Life 3.

Previous Versions

If you haven't played the previous versions of this popular game series, you should definitely try playing Duck Life and Duck Life 2. Your most sacred mission in these two engaging games is to make your animal come first in the races!

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