Duck Life

After a devastating tornado, all that remains of your farm is a duck egg. You must raise it and make it a champion racer! Duck Life is a 2D arcade game where you are responsible for the growth of a little duckling.

Your job is to make it a champion racer and earn money to rebuild your farm. Help the duckling participate in various training sessions in this crazy game! You will enjoy defeating other animals in running contests.


Train Running

  • Left-Click/Spacebar: Jump

Train Flying

  • Mouse: Change Direction

Train Swimming

  • Up Arrow: Jump
  • Down Arrow: Dive
  • Left/Right Arrows: Move Left or Right

How to Play Duck Life

  • After a huge tornado hit your farm, you lost everything except for a single duck egg. Now is the time to regain everything you lost.
  • To do that, you need to make your duck engage in running races. You will earn money from these challenging races.
  • However, ensure that your duck is strong enough to win the races it will take part in! Otherwise, the result can be disappointing.
  • Three challenging training courses are the best options for helping the animal get stronger in this running game.

The Training Courses

  • Start by engaging in training courses in Duck Life. If your animal participates in races before the training, it will most probably lose all the races.
  • You cannot let that happen! So, you should improve the animal's core athletic skills. There are three unique courses: Running, Flying and Swimming.
  • In running training, the duckling will try to avoid the rolling objects by jumping over them.
  • Flying training is to strengthen its durability at altitudes. Finally, it will be put through the hoop in the deep seas during swimming training.

Increase the Energy

In addition to the core skills it has to have, your duck also needs a certain energy level to win the races. Otherwise, it can faint on the race track! So, it may not reach the final line. However, there is a solution!

Acquire seeds from the Shop section for increasing its energy level. There are two kinds of seeds: Seed and Skill Seed. The skill seeds will provide much more energy compared to the regular Seed.


Wix Games developed Duck Life.

What is Next?

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