Duck Life 2

Be your baby duckling sports coach and make him the champion racer! Duck Life 2 is a 2D arcade game where you train your duck's core athletic abilities. You must make it ready for the running races.

Have it participate in running, swimming, flying and climbing training sessions. When its skills reach certain levels, you can go for the races to get the golden crown in this animal game!



  • Left-Click or Spacebar: Jump


  • Up Arrow: Jump
  • Down Arrow: Dive
  • Left and Right Arrows: Move Left and Right


  • Mouse (drag): Change Direction


  • Left and Right Arrows: To Climb Up

How to Play Duck Life 2

  • Start with taking part in training sessions. You need to develop your duckling's running, swimming, flying and climbing skills to a certain level.
  • If you enter one of the competitions without improving the animal's skills, it will most likely fall behind its peers.
  • To get the golden crown, you need to train your animal in the hardest way possible in this arcade game.
  • Additionally, you must check its energy level. If the energy level is low, get him seeds from the distribution taps.

Round 1: Cliff Jumping

After training your duck's skills and making it a strong athletic animal, it is now ready for the races. Each race has a track that involves using more than one ability. For example, the animals will run, fly and swim in the Cliff Jumping race. If the duck gets ahead in running but falls behind in swimming, it can easily lose the race.

In the Race Central, you will see that this duck will travel the world for the races. It will start racing in Scotland. After winning competitions in Scotland, it will visit England, Egypt, Hawaii and Japan, respectively for the following races.

Duck Life vs. Duck Life 2

This game version comes with a new skill compared to the first release, Duck Life. In Duck Life 2, you will need to strengthen the duck's climbing ability as an addition.

It needs to climb up by using each side of the canyon. Thus, its stamina will improve significantly. However, it shouldn't get caught on one of the edges. Otherwise, it will go out of the screen and lose the game.


Wix Games created Duck Life 2.

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