Drift Fury

Drift Fury is a 3D drift game where you participate in drift challenges and races with the most exotic sports cars. You will enjoy driving your car near the pine trees and mountain views. Get in the driver's seat and start the engine. The winding road calls you to make the dust fly in one of the most enjoyable driving games!

How to Play Drift Fury

  • You can enjoy your passion for speed in this car game. Increase your adrenaline level by pressing the gas pedal nonstop!
  • Try to make the longest drags and break your records every time you set out on the road.
  • The curves of the track will allow you to burn your tires freely.
  • You can also engage in car races if you want. After you choose your vehicle, you will come to the game mode selection menu.
  • Select "Race" mode to beat up another car in one of the 10 compelling races.

Triple Your Drift Score

Your vehicle's engine is moaning, and you are in the driver's seat to overcome dangerous turns. You must enter into the turns at certain speeds to perform perfect draggings. To do that, you need to steer your vehicle like a pro. The highest scores go to drivers who manage to continue drifting for a certain period. If you manage to drag it without losing control, you will triple your score by fulfilling the bar popping up on the screen.

Unlock Your Dream Monster

We all know that each of us has a car that he/she has dreamed of since childhood. You will find that car among the 9 vehicles. These cars are inspired by well-known brands' sports vehicles, such as the BMW i8 Spyder and Mclaren series. To unlock the last car, a Lamborghini Huracan, you must unlock 20 tasks from the "Achievements" section. Fulfill the tasks one by one and complete tracks within the shortest time possible to get three stars.


  • WASD/Arrow Keys: Steer
  • Spacebar: Handbrake
  • Left-Shift: Nitro
  • C: Camera View


Drift Fury was developed by FreezeNova.

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Drift Fury Free Online Game