Car Transform Racing

Fairplay is boring! Ready for a wicked race on the road? Car Transform Racing is a 3D HTML5 racing game where you can missile, bomb or punch your opponents. Fuel up your car and get ready to transform your car into a speedy racing machine.



  • WASD: Move Car
  • Space: Use any special skills


Use touchscreen controls to move the car

How to Play Car Transform Racing?  

Looking for a quick casual race or a career in racing? There are two game modes in Car Transform Racing: Story and Challenge. Let's get to the grips of them first.

Story Mode

  • In story mode, you need to complete races successfully to pass a level. 
  • There are 40 levels in total, with increasing difficulty. 
  • You should tune your little car and refit your driver to keep up with the speed of later levels.
  • Open the story mode in min menu and start off with the first level. Collect piggy banks, hearts and surprise boxes on the road. 
  • Use the boosters to cheat in the race and eliminate your opponents.
  • Also, you might make use of speed strips on the road to accelerate. 
  • You will collect coins and earn diamonds after each race; they'll bring you closer to upgrading your car.

Challenge Mode

  • This is perfect if you'd like to give the game a quick chance and see if you enjoy it. If you're a little short in coins for a new car, challenge mode is perfect for earning cash faster. 
  • You need to arrive at the finish line within the time limit to race in the next lap. 


Each box you collect on the road will give you a special skill to eliminate an opponent. But be careful; they can use these skills to take you down. Some of the skills are as follows:

  • Boxing Gloves: They will punch the cars near you and push them out of the race. 
  • Bomb: You can drop a bomb on front-runners.
  • Banana Peel: Make the chasers slide on it.
  • Turtle: Slow the race leaders down
  • Transformer: Run over all your opponents as a transformer. Creates a huge advantage in the race.
  • Shark: Hits the target in front of you.
  • Lightning: This will hit any front runners, and they will need to wait a few seconds to recover from it.
  • Nitro: Speeds up your car.

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