Whether you prefer defending or attacking, you can do both here! Army Combat is a 3D action game where you will engage with many trained soldiers. They are not like amateur fighters. They go all the way. Decide whether you will be the attacker or the defender. Go to the battlefield in the shooting game with your elite weapons!

How to Play Army Combat

  • The first thing to do is to determine whether you want to be the defender or the attacker.
  • Make your selections from the main menu as you wish. You can also set the volume and mouse sensibility here.
  • You will be alone on the battlefield. So, you must calculate every movement. Since there will be no one to watch your back.
  • Moreover, your opponents are highly trained. They can be merciless. Try to eliminate all of them one by one by moving strategically. The more you eliminate, the higher the score you get!
  • And for your information, if you go to the whitish areas, you will soon lose your life in the Defend mode. Try to stay in colored areas.

Trained Soldiers

Your opponents are members of a special team. They have been educated in private. They are ready for any attack. However, you are at least as experienced as them.

The problem is that they outnumber you. Get in close to them slowly. Bring them down sneakily. Use your sniper rifle to your advantage when playing as an attacker. It will allow you to shoot them from afar without getting hurt in close combat.

No Need to Rush!

You will be in a very large forested area. It means there are lots of trees, bushes and army cars near you. Covering yourself with them before acting will greatly benefit you, especially in the Defender mode. Most probably, they will not be alone when attacking you. Don’t rush to them. Track the soldiers by monitoring the red arrow on top of them. Eliminate them individually.

You will have many weapon options, from a shotgun to a sniper rifle. Move by picking up the most convenient weapon in this action game.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left-Click: Fire
  • Right-Click: Aim
  • Spacebar: Jump
  • 1-6 Number Keys/Scroll Wheel: Switch Weapons
  • Tab: Pause
  • CTRL: Lean
  • Left-Shift: Run


FreezeNova developed the Army Combat.

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Army Combat Online Game