Alien Sky Invasion


Alien Sky Invasion is an aircraft driving game where you steer a jet aircraft in the infinite void of Space. But you will not be alone in the sky. Aliens from different galactic races will accompany you, but not in a good way. They will try to attack your jet and shoot lasers. Avoid their assaults and try to survive in space in this shooting game! đź‘˝

How to Play Alien Sky Invasion

  • Welcome to the galactic arena! The aliens in Space will not let you feel alone. You will see their jets coming towards you from afar. You can detect their presence from the radar map in the upper right corner.
  • Remember that they are not friends, and they will attack you with lasers and missiles. You need to protect your jet from taking damage from their assaults as much as possible.
  • Your primary task is to survive in this empty arena by shooting the enemy ships while avoiding their attacks.

Invasion or Campaign in Space?

There are two game mods in Alien Sky Invasion: Invasion and Campaign. You can find a brief explanation for each below.

  • Invasion: In the Invasion mode, you have missions that must be fulfilled. The aliens will try to invade your territory in Space. You must eliminate them one by one. Your first task is destroying 30 enemy ships.
  • Campaign: There are 100 levels in Campaign mode. Missions in the Campaign mode seem more straightforward than Invasion mode. But as you level up, the tasks here will become more complex. You will need more powerful jets to cope with these challenges.

Jet Aircrafts

You can find six jet aircraft, each more potent than the other. View their fighter status from the menu. Each aircraft has damage, armor, energy, and speed status at a certain level. You will be able to access new jets as you level up in Campaign mode. Hover over a jet, and you can see at which level it can be unlocked.

Jet’s Weapons

Your jet has two distinct weapons. You can destroy your enemies’ ships by shooting them with lasers or launching a missile. Missiles are more advantageous as when you locate the ships and launch a missile, the missile automatically locks on to the enemy and hits it even if the enemy ship moves. But to be able to launch a rocket, you have to aim precisely at the enemy ship.

Level Bonuses in Alien Sky Invasion

  • Level 75: Your jet will have self-repairing armor.
  • Level 100: All the jets you have will have max status.
  • Level 125: Your jet’s energy regeneration ability will rise to +50%.


  • To control the jet, use the WASD keys.
  • To boost the speed, use the Space or the Shift key.
  • To shoot, use the left mouse click.
  • To launch a missile, use the right mouse click.
  • To pause, use the Tab key.


Alien Sky Invasion is created by FreezeNova.

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