is a game where the rocket ships battle in the galactic arenas. Every spaceship can shoot lasers. It can be played multiplayer to destroy asteroids 
and shoot the opponents to earn crystals. With the crystals, you upgrade your ship, buy ships and extra lives to become invincible, standing alive in the galaxy.

Modding Space section
Enjoy our selection of the best mods contributed by the community.

Elite Commander Pass Section
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Leaderboard Section
Here, you will see the official ranking for Pro Deathmatch Championship and Invasion.

Training section
Before entering into real galaxy battles, you can train yourself. Follow the instructions and have fun.

Available modes:
• Survival Mode - destroy asteroids, collect gems to upgrade your ship, fight and don't die.
• Team Mode - collect gems toupgradee your ship, donate gems to your base to upgrade it and access higher tier ships, and win the game by destroying the enemy bases
• Invasion Mode - fight and don't die; collect gems to upgrade your ship
• Pro Deathmatch Mode - kill any ship for 1 point, kill your target for 2 points, score 12 points to win the round Controls:
• Arrow keys to drive
• LMB to shoot Free