Prepare your girls for the upcoming Winter Ball! Winterella is a 2D girl game in which you are responsible for the makeup of three queens of ice. They are excited about the prominent ball and need your assistance. Prepare their faces for the makeup and beautify them. Make them breathtaking under the cold of the winter breeze in this cozy game.

How to Play Winterella

  • Make the ladies ready for the ball in turn. Click on the first lady and start to prepare her face for a makeover.
  • Apply moisturizer and serums to her face. This phase is essential to make makeup look better on the face.
  • Then, you can begin applying cosmetics. Apply the proper foundation, sprinkle glitters on the eyebrows and do the eye makeup with the iciest blues.
  • You can add glitter to the lady's neck area, as well.
  • Select the favorable mascara for the eyelashes. Choose the shade of lipstick and come to the final section, the accessories.
  • When you finish preparing them, click the arrow icon on the left.

Three Queens of Ice

There are three winter queens waiting for you to prepare them for the ball. The first lady is a brunette girl from Brazil. Our second lady is an Afro girl with dreadlocks. Finally, the lady at the end is a pure white woman with blond hair from cold lands. All three beautiful women have unique ethnic beauty in their own way.

Icy Touches

The colors and themes are primarily blue as you prepare the girls for a winter setting in this cozy game. When you apply these ice-like cosmetics to the girls, they will appear cold and rigid. But this is how they want to look. They want to suit the winter. Create the most beautiful ice queens of the prom from them!


Desktops and Computers

  • Mouse: Apply Makeup

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen to apply makeup.


Gamerina developed Winterella.

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Winterella Online Game