Vegas Crime City

Welcome to the crime-ridden city of Vegas! With bad guys lurking around every corner, the streets are far from safe. As a skilled and athletic female spy with exceptional shooting abilities, your mission is to clear the mafia in Vegas. Don't delay - it's time to take action and make this city a safer place for all.

Vegas Crime City is a GTA-inspired mission-based shooting and driving game. Walk, ride or drive to certain destinations, eliminate the targets and pass levels. The game has good-quality 3D graphics and realistic sound effects. The difficulty of the levels is adjusted so as not to exhaust or deter any gamer. 


  • WASD: to move
  • Left Shift: Sprint
  • Space to jump
  • Q to roll
  • E or 1 to change weapon
  • Left mouse click to shoot
  • Right mouse click to aim
  • Tab to toggle pause

How To Play

  • Complete the task within the time limit to pass each level.
  • In the first few levels, you will learn to steer a motorbike or car and practice shooting. 
  • After that, you will be given more challenging tasks to complete within a specific time limit. 
  • As the clock is ticking, don't forget to sprint by pressing the left shift key while walking. 
  • As you progress through the levels, the number of enemies will increase, so it is essential to get accustomed to the available weapons. 
  • You can change weapons by pressing the E key when you need to.
  • Try to find the ideal weapon for each task. For instance, with sniper rifles, it takes a few bullets to eliminate an enemy, whereas using a bazooka, one shot is enough to clear a few of them.

GTA-like Missions

You may encounter levels where you drive or ride to a certain stop and engage in battles on various parts of the city.

Make use of the red dots on the map and try to arrive early using shortcuts.

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