Tribals io is a multiplayer survival game where you wake up on an island as a caveman. You have nothing in your pockets but a stone. Explore the island to gather essential resources to use for your benefit. Gather all the effective materials to create something more significant and valuable. This crafting game will remind you of the famous video games Minecraft, Rust, and Raft! Enhance your gaming experience by teaming up with other players.🔨

How to Play Tribals io

  • When you enter the game, you will see the "Servers" button on the main menu. Join one of the available servers among the listed ones.
  • You will wake up on an island with a stone in your hand. You are a caveman here.
  • You must collect berries, corn, coconuts and other food you can find to survive. You also need to meet your man's water demands. These are the most essential things.
  • You will see three bars in the lower right corner of the screen: the health bar, the hunger bar, and the thirst bar. Remember to check them on!
  • To enjoy the game fully, you may team up with other online players. Use the chat section to make caveman friends!

Stay Away from the Threats

You will come across many threats on the island. You have to protect yourself from them. These threats may be a bear or another caveman. Cold weather also has a severe negative impact. There are profound temperature differences between day and night here. Craft weapons and tools to protect yourself in any kind of adverse situation. Build a shack to take shelter. Let's see how many days you can survive on this island!

Crafting Menu

Suppose you have collected the necessary resources and time to craft tools. When you press the Tab key, two sections will appear. The left window is your inventory. You will see your resources here. The other window is the crafting menu. There are Beginning, Weapons, Structure, and Workbench categories, along with the Favorite and All. View your options by clicking on a category. Click on the item you want to craft, and it will show you what resources are necessary to craft it.

Create a Building Plan

The weather conditions on the island are very inconsistent. It can be sunny at the moment and rainy the next. When it is rainy, your caveman can get sick. In addition, he will need some good sleep at night. So, building a shelter is a must in this crafting game. But to do that, the first thing you need to do is craft a building plan. Don't worry, it is not a hard job. Picking up a leaf is enough to create it.


  • WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
  • Mouse: Interaction
  • Left-Click: Attack/Build
  • Right-Click: Eat
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Space: Jump
  • Enter: Chat
  • Tab: Inventory
  • F: Pick Up
  • M: Map
  • T: Microphone
  • ESC: Pause


Tribals io was developed by ONRUSH Studio.

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