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EvoWorld io FlyorDie is a 2D survival game where you, born as a tiny fly, try to evolve by eating stuff with a green frame, among many other online players. There are 45 different animals. You will turn into a butterfly as you eat more food. After a butterfly, you will become a mosquito. It is the evolution process. Eat food, evolve into a stronger animal, and not get killed by predators in this animal game! 🐞

How to Play EvoWorld io Flyordie.io

  • All you need to do is survive in a vibrant place and eat food and animals outlined in green to evolve into a new animal.
  • Avoid animals with red outlines, as they will try to kill you.
  • Do not forget to drink water from the lakes, or you may die from dehydration.
  • Constantly being on the move will be to your benefit. There are many places to discover on the game map.
  • View the game map by clicking on the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. So that you can decide which way you should go.
  • The red arrow you will see while moving shows you the food you can eat in the nearest place.
  • You can rise above the sky or descend below the earth if you want. But, when you are in the above, check your oxygen bar. It will gradually decrease. Your animal may die if your oxygen level falls to zero.

Beginner's Luck

Every animal has a unique ability. You can use this ability to your advantage in order to make progress in a short time. You will start playing as a fly, and the fly's special ability is the beginner's Luck. It gives you a 50% chance to avoid predators' attacks. As you evolve, your animal species will change. Your special ability also changes, and you will have more potent abilities.

World of The Evolution

You should keep evolving to survive among other players in the shoes of mighty animals. There are 8 stages of evolution and 45 animals, from the smallest to the most dangerous. You must evolve into more powerful animals by hunting everything you can. In the meantime, you should avoid those who could harm you.

Check the 3 Bars

You will see three bars at the top of the screen. The pink one shows you how much food and animals you should eat to evolve into another animal. The light blue one tells you your oxygen level. It is crucial to check this bar when you are under the water and above the sky. The last one, the dark blue, points to the water level. If this bar drops to zero, you could die from thirst.


  • Use the WASD or the Arrow keys to move your animal.
  • Use your cursor to give directions to the animal.
  • Use the Right Mouse Button or the Space key to activate your special ability.


EvoWorld io is created by Pixel Voices.

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EvoWorld io Fly or Die Free Online Game