Welcome to Trains io! Trains.io is a fun and exciting free online game where you and other players are little toy trains. The goal is to increase the number of carriages as many as possible. To make your train grow, collect screws, toolboxes, and coins on your way. Don't hit another train while doing these. Then, you have to start over with only one wagon.

How to Play Trains io?

  • To get started, simply enter your username and hit the play button. 
  • As you move around, seek out screws, toolboxes, and coins. Collecting these items will make your train's tail grow
  • Be watchful not to touch any other trains and edges.
  • It is also possible collide with your own tail and fail the mission.
  • But here is the perk of having a long tail: You will fill the arena with your carriages so much that you will give other players a hard time steering their train without hitting yours.
  • If another train has an accident and falls apart, many toolboxes will spill out. Keep an eye out for these to feed your train faster.
  • Trains lights turn on when you boost the speed. Going fast requires faster reflexes. Use the boosts wisely.
  • You can try a new skin for your train in the shop. 
  • You might want to enhance your style and stand out as you advance in the Trains io game. In this, you can select cars, railways or even a tail of imposters from Among Us as a skin.


  • Move your mouse around the field to steer the train
  • Hold the left click to boost your speed. 

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