Take a walk in the city as a giant hole absorbs whatever you come across! You will start with a small black hole in Hole io. Start with consuming small objects and pedestrians. When you are big enough, you will be able to eat cars, blocks, and large buildings. You can chase after smaller holes to get even larger. Hang around high-traffic areas of urban streets to satisfy your hunger even more. Soon, you will be a horrifying disaster for both city-dwellers and other players. 

Tips and tricks for Hole io

Here are some tips for becoming the ultimate hole on Hole io. 

  • Slow down a little when absorbing tall objects, especially poles. While going too fast, the objects will fall down to the ground, not into the hole.   
  • Keep an eye on the time clock on the upper left. Each session will only take two minutes. Get as big as you can in this period, and if you can't, no big deal. Wait for another round to take your revenge.
  • Try to stay away from larger holes than you. Smaller holes drop into bigger ones.
  • There is a way to consume more oversized objects than your hole since it's all about physics. If you approach one edge of the object and slightly slide to the other edge, you will see the objects dropping into the hole. It is much easier to grow by doing this. But be careful; it takes more time than the usual way.


  • 4 game modes are available: Classic, BR, Teams, Solo Run
  • Customizable skins
  • 14 game maps ready to explore


Hole io was created by Voodoo.


You can navigate the hole by moving your mouse or using arrow keys.

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