Tiny Crash Fighters

Tiny Crash Fighters is an action game where your most significant task is to build your robot to destroy the CPU's and other players' machines. Pick your vehicle, embody it with weapons and go to the battling arena. The robots will fight automatically. All you have to do is to create your mighty vehicle in this destroying game!

How to Play Tiny Crash Fighters

  • There are 6 unique vehicles in the game. Choose one of them and begin putting weapons on it.
  • In the beginning, only the drill is available. But in later levels, as you earn coins, you can unlock other weapons as you wish.
  • Place the gun on your robot strategically. The weapons you put must aim well and contact your enemy's vehicle to destroy it.
  • Your robot must be strong enough to endure the highest number of attacks in waves.
  • In addition, the sawed walls will start to move after a while. Don't let them come into contact with your vehicle!

Fight with CPU

After creating your machine, you are ready for an intense battle. Click on the Quick Fight Go! button to engage in a battle with the CPU. There will be attacks in waves. The more waves you can withstand, the better. You don't have to control your vehicle. It will automatically move forward and start attacking the enemy. Keep an eye on the bars at the top to track the durability of the robots.

Battle with Other Players

Press on the Versus Go! button to fight with other players. You can take inspiration from their machines to enhance yours. Battling with them can be more challenging compared to fighting with the CPU. Test your robot's strength against theirs!

Looking for a Tip?

  • The best way to enhance your gaming experience is to create your machine in a well-thought-out way.
  • Your vehicle must target its opponent well. Otherwise, it can't cause harm to the other vehicle.
  • From time to time, they may tower over each other, disabling them to target. We recommend you adjust your vehicle's tires according to such cases.
  • Placing a smaller wheel at the front of the vehicle can give it an inclination for better aiming.


  • Use your cursor to craft the vehicle


Tiny Crash Fighters was developed by InfinitySoft.

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Tiny Crash Fighters Free Online Game