Stunt Simulator

Stunt Simulator is the perfect game for racing and drifting. The cars are designed with realistic controls that will captivate you even if you are a beginner. The more speed you have, the more amazing drift you make and score big number.

We have preapared 2 maps to show off your driving skills. 
There are 10 cars ready to be tested: 
• Compact 
• Muscle 
• Coupe Sport 
• Super 
• Truck
• Racer 
• Concept 
• Big Rig 

Stunt Simulator Display:
• Score (displayed on the top left)
• Gear & speed (displayed on the bottom right)

WASD or arrow keys to drive car
Esc to exit to pause menu


Stunt Simulator is created by FreezeNova.

Stunt Simulator Free