Storm City Mafia


Welcome to the world of cyberpunk! Storm City Mafia is a themed mafia game with many missions. Each task must be accomplished successfully. You are the key in this cyber world. It is your primary mission to defeat the enemies. But be careful because they are much more than you. Make each of them, including the big boss, history using your strategy skills!

How to Play Storm City Mafia

In the game Storm City Mafia, you advance by finishing objectives. There are thirty missions to complete, each requiring you to carry out distinct tasks. The goal of the first mission is to take out 100 adversaries. The next mission becomes available once each assignment has been completed satisfactorily. And you're in for a different kind of obligation. At the end of the thirty-episode story, you defeat the Big Boss.

Power-ups in Storm City Mafia

You can open the section with power-ups by clicking on the label icon from the main menu. You need to save money by collecting the money dropped by the enemies you eliminate in the games, and the best place to use them is power-ups. We have compiled a few of the best power-ups for you below.

  • Godmode: You can not die when god mode is activated.
  • Jetpack: Fly over the whole city with your jetpack without the need for a car.
  • Golden Gun: Reflect the splendor of gold on your weapon.
  • Unlimited Grenade Ammo: Your grenades will never ever run out.
  • Vehicle Generator: Use the number keys between 0 and 9 to land the vehicle you want on the street.

Master the Controls

  • Use your Mouse to aim
  • Use the WASD keys or the Arrow keys to move
  • Use the Space key or the J key to jump
  • Use the Left Mouse button or the Z key to fire
  • Use the X key to throw a grenade
  • Use the Left Shift or the C key to activate Hammer Time
  • Use the Mouse wheel or Q or E keys to cycle weapons
  • Use the Enter key to enter the vehicle
  • Use ESC or the P key to pause the game
  • Use the M key to mute the audio toggle

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