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Bill Gates, the brain behind Microsoft, is one of the richest people on the planet. He is a prominent figure in multiple aspects: college dropout, tech genius, bookworm, art collector, founder of an NGO, Nobel Prize nominee and father of three.

Today, we are delving into none of these facets but rather focusing on the amount of wealth he possesses. He owns a net worth of $124 billion (seriously, that's a lot of zeros!). This wealth lets him run a financial empire with private jets, mansions and an army of employees in his command.

We will give you a ticket to enter Bill Gates' world for one day. Spoil yourself by buying everything you desire with Bill Gates' money. From a 2 dollar Big Mac to a skyscraper in New York, you can find anything in this virtual marketplace. 

You are in Bill Gates' shoes on this singular page. (It feels like the end of the internet, right?) Let's see how you will spend this mind-blowing amount of money. 

What is Spend Bill Gates Money?

Spend Like Bill Gates is a free shopping game where you spend Bill Gates' money in a virtual marketplace setting. Buy yourself a brand new car collection with Bugatti, Ferrari and Tesla, or feed millions of people around the world. Fly with a Boeing 747 or build hospitals and give shelter to homeless people. It is up to you!

How to Play Spend Bill Gates Money?

  • No, shopaholics! We will not teach you how to spend money in this game. The choices are all yours!
  • To play Spend Bill Gates Money, start the timer and simply add the items you like to your cart and watch your wallet shrink. Or see that number at the top slightly change (it is so high that we could not even read it properly)
  • There are dozens of items to choose from. You can either be a penny-pincher or break the bank and live like a king.
  • Remember to grab a receipt at the end! You never know when you'll need it. Just hit the Print Receipt button at the end of the page, and voila! You'll have a detailed bill to show off to your friends.
  • So, go ahead and spoil yourself with shopping therapy. You deserve it!

Fun Facts about How Bill Gates Spends Money

You have tried very hard but couldn't finish up all his money. Here is some guidance from Bill Gates' own life. We assure you he has fun ways to spend his money. Keep reading to learn about the latest rumors on what he owns and how he spends.

  • We heard that Gates loves playing ping pong. He takes the game so seriously that he has a high-tech sensor system at his house. These sensors follow the ball's movement while he plays a ping pong match. How cool is that? So why wait? Consume all your coins on tech; smartphones, AirPods, machines and robots await you.
  • He owns an art collection worth $124 million (according to some reports). The collection includes masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Winslow Homer and George Bellows. When you're Bill Gates, your living room is a private art gallery, huh? You can also do the same; you will see many artworks and paintings from renowned artists in the game. Best of all is that they are all affordable!
  • In Bill Gates' mansion, guests wear electronic pins controlling lighting and temperature settings. It's like a Sims play, but only it isn't.
  • Gates is a member of the exclusive ski and golf club in Montana. Yellowstone Club has very rich members like Mark Zuckerberg, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Timberlake. Now, we would like you to picture all four people at the same breakfast table, discussing how disappointed they are by their recent daily lives. 
  • Apart from spending life in luxury, Bill Gates also provides people all around the world with financial aid. He fights hunger, poverty, and climate change via his efforts in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. That's why you will see items related to charity activities in the game.
  • We also encourage you to do some shopping experiments that Bill Gates would never do in real life. We almost hear you asking about the examples. You can try to see how many six-packs of Coca-Cola you can buy with the whole $124 billion.

Who created Spend Bill Gates Money?

FreezeNova created the Spend Like Bill Gates game.


Left-click or tap to add an item to the cart.

Before You Go

Spend Bill Gates Money is not just a game; it is a funny way to think about the meaning of money and the pricing methods of high-end brands. You wouldn't imagine reflecting on what may truly bring happiness to your life after playing a game, would you? These all happen while having a comedy blast playing this game on OnlineGames.io.

Get ready for the coolest game ever, where the sky is your imagination. And $124 billion is just the beginning, and you can try to Spend Like Elon Musk next for an even more challenging adventure!

Spend Bill Gates Money Game