Watermelon Suika

Summer surrounds us with upcoming vacations, ice cream trucks on every corner and DELICOUS FRUITS! Everybody knows that fruits taste very different and come in various colors and shapes in the summertime, from berries to cherries, bananas to ananas, coconuts to WATERMELONS!

If you're fond of summer fruits like us, you will love this game: Watermelon Suika is an online merging game. You start with tiny little blueberries, drop them into a box, and match them up with identical ones until they change into huge watermelons. Engage and merge, or challenge yourself with puzzle levels! Let's get started!


Mouse Controls

  • Hold LMB to move and release to drop

Keyboard Controls

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press the spacebar to drop

Mobile Controls

Drag your finger to move and release to drop

How to Play Watermelon Suika

  • It's easy to play but captivating. Start with a blueberry. Drop into the box.
  • You have endless sources of fruits. A new one will be on your tweezers after dropping one. Drop them all in a way that identical fruits collide with each other.
  • A new fruit will emerge when two of the same shape collide.
  • For example, two blueberries can be transformed into one strawberry.
  • Merge your way to much bigger fruits such as pears, kiwis, coconuts, and melons.

Shake the Box

  • Once in a while, fruits might use some help to reach each other. You can push the box by pressing the icons at the bottom of your screen.
  • You have 5 push limits for each side in a game. But if you shake the box too hard, fruits may drop out of the box, leading to the end of the game.

Star Suika and Cat Suika

  • Star Suika: Suppose you'd like to play the game with star-shaped fruits. Open star mode on the main menu. Playing star mode is a bit harder as the fruits will not roll as much as in classic mode.
  • Cat Suika: You can play the game with cats as well. From orange tabbies to chubby Persian cats, you can merge them until you get the Balinese Cat. You'll explore many cat species along the way.

Adventure Levels

Watermelon Suika is an online game offering diversity in gameplay. Adventure levels twist the game by adding a touch of logic problems. Puzzle levels offer physics puzzles, where you drop the fruit in specific locations to jump over a platform. On the other hand, draw levels involve drawing objects around the box to move fruits so that they merge into one another.

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