Skateboard Master

Skateboard Master is a 3D arcade game where the players try to progress as far as they can with their skateboards on the tube parkour and get the highest score.

There will be other people besides you. And they will try to get ahead of you. That's why you have to be on watch and quick. Have some fun with one of the most entertaining skateboard games!

How to Play Skateboard Master

  • You will encounter many things as you move along the parkour with your skateboard.
  • Among these, there are boosters that will be useful to you, but there are also obstacles that will slow you down.
  • You need to avoid the ones that won't work for you.
  • If you hit any obstacles, the game is over.
  • Keep your eyes open, dominate the skateboard and get the highest score!

Boost Up the Speed

As you progress through the parkour, you will encounter many beneficial areas. Some of these are areas with yellow arrows, which will help you speed up. By using these, you can get ahead of your competitors. Furthermore, you can fly in the air using the parkour's corner parts. This will also give you tremendous speed.

Caution Ahead

In addition to areas with yellow arrows, you will also see areas with red arrows on the parkour. These areas are placed on the parkour to slow you and your opponents down. There are also wooden boxes in bulk on the road. It wouldn't be nice if you collided with them. The game will end in that situation.

Unlock New Characters

You will earn coins as you play the game and get high scores. You can use these coins to unlock new characters. There are some very cool characters. You can view these characters by clicking "Skins" from the main menu.


  • Control your skateboard's movements by dragging the mouse to the left and right.


Skateboard Master was created by Mad Buffer.

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Skateboard Master Free Online Game