Rome Simulator

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? The answer is every day for most men. It is interesting that such a historic figure lingers in our minds after centuries. While we leave this analysis to the experts, we're excited to present a great game for Roman Empire enthusiasts. Rome Simulator is a 3D action game where you are in the shoes of a gladiator in ancient Rome. You will find yourself in a mansion full of historic settings. Be careful while wandering the rooms, as you may encounter other guardians of the castle! They will attack you when they see you. Fight with them and continue roaming Rome in this simulator game!⚔️

How to Play Rome Simulator

You will find yourself in a vast castle as a gladiator. You have nothing but your bare hands. Search the rooms to find a sword and shield to protect yourself from the guardians. When you face them, you need to save yourself from them by defending and attacking when necessary. Two unique maps belong to the castle. One of them is the interior of the map, while the other one is the exterior. Choose whichever you want to take place in and start battling with the guardians.

Interior of the Castle

It is a highly royal place. A wonderful place full of arches and statues awaits you to explore. You will walk on mosaic stone floors. It is impossible not to be captured by the magnificence of this mansion. Don’t forget to search for a weapon while touring the rooms with great excitement. The place is as dangerous as it is magnificent because gladiators protect it.

Exterior of the Castle

The exterior of the castle is also undoubtedly as spectacular as the interior. You will see many lined-up altars and gold-plated outer walls. This place may feel like an open-air museum. The things you come across in the mansion will give you great information about the ancient era. There are many protectors here. So, don’t lose focus while wandering around.

Ancient Weapons

You have the option to grab the Ironhand Sword, Katana, Viking Metal Shield, Viking Halberd, and Viking Sword. Pick up whichever you want by pressing the E key as a primary weapon. You can take a secondary weapon by using the R key. These weapons will help you a lot when dealing with the gladiators.


  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left-Click: Attack
  • Right-Click: Block
  • Left Shift: Run
  • Left-Click + Left Shift: Heavy attack
  • X: Cancel trigger & cancel ledge / drop weapons
  • C: Crouch
  • Q: Jump
  • Space: Dive roll
  • 1-4 Number Keys: Switch weapons
  • E: Take
  • G: Draw / Sheathe weapon
  • Tab: Pause


Rome Simulator was developed by FreezeNova.

What is More?

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