Racing Cars

Racing Cars is a 2D racing game where you engage in thrilling races with professional racers. You and your opponents will race on a bumpy road with many obstacles. There are many ups and downs and boxes which will slow you down. Advanced steering skills will make you the winner of these compelling races in one of the most fun car games of Online Games!

How to Play Racing Cars

Begin with modifying your beloved car before taking part in thrilling races. Choose your favorite car and give it a color. To create the most exotic vehicle, you can add some spray paint on it, like orange lightning or touches of futuristic blue. The most crucial detail for a car is the rims. You have many flashy rim options. Our favorite is the one with dollars.💲 If you finish customizing your vehicle, you are ready for the utmost challenges on the bumpy road!

5 Racers Pushing Their Limits

In a race, there will be five racers with varying cars. You will drive your car near many skyscrapers. Palm trees will also accompany you. The magnificence of the city will attract you immensely. But don’t lose your focus! Your only aim in the game is to beat all other racers and be the one who reaches the finish line first. Collect the coins on the road, as they will help you to get new vehicles and upgrade your current car’s engine and suspension powers.

Obstacles that Slow Down

The view of the race track is spectacular with its city lights. Racing on this road will be very enjoyable for you. But be careful! There are lots of obstacles that will slow you down. One of these obstacles is wooden boxes. When you hit the boxes with your car, it may slow you down and cause you to fall behind in the race. Additionally, there are lots of bumps on the road. If you enter these at high speed, your vehicle can flip over!


  • A/D or Left/Right Arrow Keys: Move


Racing Cars was developed by FreezeNova.

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Racing Cars Online Game