Paper IO


Paper IO is an IO game where you, as a colorful cube, try to establish your territory as much as possible by sliding on the playing field. There will also be many players near you. And they are also trying to conquer their land. Avoid running into other cubes while moving in the arena. If they bite your tail, you are done for sure! Enjoy this popular IO game to the fullest.

How to Play Paper IO

First, you will need a unique name to play the game. Insert your nickname into the empty box on the main menu. Now, you are ready to get your territory by drawing lines and establishing the area. You will have a colored cube. Master navigating this square and establish your kingdom by drawing lines. You must get back to your starting point to claim your territory.

Basics of the Paper IO

  • You must circle back to your starting point to claim your territory.
  • Conquering more areas is the key to getting the highest score in the game.
  • When you eliminate rivals, their territory disappears automatically.
  • Do not let other players bite your tail, or you will be eliminated.
  • When you get the chance, catch your rivals' tails to wipe them out.
  • Also, you should not bite your tail. Or else you will take your own life.
  • You can change your controls in the settings section from the menu.

Establish Your Paper Kingdom

Use your mouse to direct your square. You must determine your area. Your square will leave traces as it is moving. Mark your territory by returning your starting point. A pro tip from us: move cautiously without going too far in the beginning, as you will be open to attacks from other squares.

Guard Your Tail

When a square touches your tail, you will fail the game. So, give weight to not expose your tail too long outside your land. But, likewise, when you catch an enemy whose tail is out, use your chance to eliminate him from the playing field.

Do Not Swallow Your Tail

As other players can catch your tail, you may also accidentally swallow your own! Biting your tail will cause you to lose the game. Therefore, we recommend that you do not let this happen. Do not swallow your tail!


  • To move your cube, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys.
  • You can also use your mouse cursor to navigate the cube.
  • Use your touchscreen to steer the cube on your mobile.

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