Neon War is an online shooting game where your main aim is to shoot at the neon shapes. They will pop out from black holes. Aim at them by steering your cannon. You can only navigate it horizontally. Make sure that when it shoots, the bullets get in contact with the blocks. It is the only way to remove them in one of the most enjoyable arcade games!

How to Play Neon War

You will see black holes on the screen. The shining shapes will come out from these holes. They will have numbers on them. These numbers indicate that you must shoot a block with the number of times written on it. When you navigate the golden gun, it will automatically start to fire. All you need to do is to control it horizontally. Click on the cannon and drag it to the left and right to navigate it.

Gold Battery

A gold battery icon is at the upper left corner of the screen. It indicates your gun’s health. Any touch with objects will cause this health bar to drop. So, you must avoid getting in contact with the blocks as much as possible. They will keep bouncing along the platform until you eliminate them. Precise aiming will help you a lot.

Use the Blue Hexagons

You will get blue hexagons when you destroy the objects on the platform. These hexagons will enable you to upgrade your cannon’s features. Upgrades will help you get the highest game scores by strengthening your gun. Each upgrade will bring it +5% power.

  • Fire Rate: Enables you to shoot faster. The faster you shoot, the quicker you remove the blocks from the platform.
  • Damage: Enhances your gun’s damage rate to cause more harm to the shapes.
  • Health: Increases the health rate. It will give you longer game experiences.
  • Pet: Get your cannon little companions by using this upgrade. They can also shoot.


  • Left-Click (hold down): Steer the Cannon


Neon War was developed by Qky Games.

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Neon War Free Online Game

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