Moto Trials

Moto Trials is a 3D driving game where players try to engage with the ramps and obstacles on the platform. Here, the player's ability to control the motor will be tested to the utmost. As the levels progress, the platform will become increasingly difficult. Reflexes and hand-eye coordination are also of great importance because there will be places on the platform where the player must suddenly change direction. If you are ready, let's test your skills.

How to Play Moto Trials

Enter the world of Moto Trials, where thrilling challenges and an adrenaline rush are waiting for you. With every new level, the ever-changing platform will push you to the limit and present you with nerve-wracking ramps and hazards that will have you on the tip of your seat.

  • When you enter the game, start playing from the first level by choosing your motorcycle.
  • There are 3 motorcycles that the game offers you. A standard red sports motorcycle is given to you at the beginning. The other two are the ones you can unlock as you pass levels and earn money.
  • Here's a little tip: If you want to earn money quickly and upgrade your motorcycle, you can play the levels you have passed over and over again.

Moving Platforms

As you level up, the platform will become more complex. The distance required to travel will become longer, obstacles will become denser, and some objects will even be in motion. All of this will require increased focus from you.


The game provides the right to reposition you; if you click on the direction symbol on the right side of the screen before it is too late when you fall off the platform, it will send you back to where you last left off on the platform.


  • Use the WASD keys or the Arrow keys to steer the motorcycle.
  • Use the Space key to set the parking brake.

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