Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic Play For Free

All times best-selling game Minecraft is now available on your browser for free. Minecraft Classic is a player-driven sandbox game with endless possibilities. If you like playing games that improve creativity, you will find a lot to enjoy in this game. You can dig, carve and build whatever you like: a mansion for yourself or a whole new city. It's all in your hands. There are no monsters and enemies to worry about in this version of Minecraft Classic. Take it easy and discover the world of Minecraft on OnlineGames.io without downloading a single file. 

How to play Minecraft Classic?

WASD: Move
Spacebar: Jump
Left-click: Hit blocks
Right-click: Build blocks
1-5: Choose between blocks
E/I: Open inventory
Esc/Tab: Pause menu


  • Free online version of classic Minecraft¬†
  • 30+ building materials
  • Colorful surroundings
  • Relaxing sound effects

How to place blocks in Minecraft Classic?

  • Open the Minecraft Classic on OnlineGames.io
  • Press E and choose which type of block you want to construct
  • After selecting the block type, right-click to build.

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