Math vs Bat

Get ready to enjoy math like never before! Math vs Bat is a 2D math game where there are lots of math questions and bats. What are these winged animals doing here, you ask?

Well, they will try to attack your tower. You must defend it by solving questions. Your cannon will be fired when you correctly answer the questions in this puzzle game!

Overview of Math vs Bat

  • You will find four game modes in this math game: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Mixed.
  • Your main objective in the game is to solve the questions depending on the game mode you choose.
  • Bats will try to invade your tower. If they reach the line, they will make it happen.
  • You must stop them by giving the correct answers to the questions.
  • Each correct answer you give will make your cannon fire a candy to a bat. You will eliminate the bats in this way.
  • As you make progress, the bats will get faster. And the questions will be more complicated!

Solve the Equations

  • You will see that the bats have math problems written on their heads.
  • Before they reach the line, you must do the necessary calculations and solve the equations.
  • Your calculations will be based on addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  • Keep in mind that in Mixed mode, there will be equations that include all three operations.
  • Use your numeric keys to enter the answer into the white box. Or you can use the virtual keyboard on the screen using your mouse.
  • Then press the Attack button. Your cannon will shoot a candy to the bat on which the equation is written.
  • The more you give correct answers, the more the bat you will eliminate from the screen!
  • Remember that you have three lives in Math vs Bat. If you fail to give correct answers three times, you will lose.

Benefits of Playing Math vs Bat

This game is one of the best puzzle games for making math enjoyable for children. It allows them to perform basic calculations in a funny way. Its entertaining and educative gameplay helps kids to develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Numeric Keys: Enter the Answer
  • Mouse: Use the Virtual Keyboard

Mobile Devices

  • Use the virtual keyboard on the screen to enter the answer.


MarketJS developed Math vs Bat.

What’s Next?

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You may look for other free math games on Our community constantly tries to expand its game range. If you have any suggestions or a wishlist, please contact us!

Math vs Bat Online Game

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